The Bell Volume 7, #2  Spring 2012

Mental Health America




Brewer to say in Jan. if AZ should expand Medicaid

Arizona Daily Star


Arizona child-welfare system stagnant

Arizona Republic




Bruce Springsteen sheds light on depression



Metta World Peace's mental health advocacy helps his own growth

Los Angeles Times


Chinatown ID crisis center an alternative to jail or ER

Seattle Times


Detox, rehab keep few meth users clean long term

Chicago Tribune


Mindfulness: Using Your Brain To Beat Stress



Antiepileptic Drugs Are the Most Commonly Prescribed Drug Class Among Newly Diagnosed Bipolar Disorder Patients in the United States

Market Watch


Critics: Opioid REMS Misses Mark on Patient Education

Medpage Today




Warrior Pups



Army medical center: 1 combat stress diagnosis will suffice

Arizona Daily Star




Still, a Promise of Reform for California’s Juvenile Justice System

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange




Mobile Health Vans Care for Alameda’s Homeless

The California Report




THEIR VIEW - State should skip Medicaid expansion

Holland Sentinel


Struggles Continue for Doctors Treating Elderly Poor

Texas Tribune




Heavy Technology Use Linked to Fatigue, Stress and Depression in Young Adults

Huffington Post


Teens' Gloomy Outlook Predicts Bleak Future

Medpage Today


Effective Personalized Strategies for Treating Bipolar Disorder

Psychiatric Times


Initiatives in Integrative Mental Health

Psychiatric Times


Childhood Violence Exposure Predicts Sexual Risk

Clinical Psychiatry News


Psychology of possibilities can enhance health, happiness, research says

Science Codex


Why Childhood Suffering Can Lead to Depression — And Even Addiction



Defiance, Not Hyperactivity, Linked to Drug Dependence



Differences in Teens’ Coping Styles Affect Social Behaviors



Focus on Strengths Improves Autistic Teens’ Social Skills



Paranoid About Being Sabotaged? Workplace Paranoia Can Be A Self-Fulfilling Prophecy



Strength of Brain’s Neural Pathways Linked to Intelligence



Adolescents' Personalities and Coping Habits Affect Social Behaviors

Science Daily


Mindfulness Training May Improve Health and Well-Being of Pregnant Women and Their Newborns, Study Suggests

Science Daily


Depression Rates Triple for Teen Girls



Self-recognition deficits in schizophrenia confirmed

MedWire News


Corpus callosum abnormalities in BD patients

MedWire News

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