Banner tests experimental drug to halt Alzheimer's

Arizona Republic


Mental health treatment has come a long way

Arizona Silver Belt


Southwest Behavioral pleas to community for homeless donations

Ahwatukee Foothills News




Kelly Thomas death: Reforms needed in Fullerton, task force says

Los Angeles Times


Actor proud of role in show exploring mental illness

Houston Chronicle


For a Nation of Whiners, Therapists Try Tough Love

Wall Street Journal


"That's Just Crazy Talk": Stage Play Tackles Bipolar Stigma

Clinical Psychiatry News


DSM 5 Could Mean 40% of College Students Are Alcoholics



Book Review: The Guardians -- An Elegy

Huffington Post


Politics in the Diagnosis of Addiction

Huffington Post




Military's mental disorder hospitalizations up 19%

Ithaca Journal


Former Foes, Now Allied



Soldiers fail to seek PTSD treatment or drop out of therapy early, research finds

Stars & Stripes


Meditation brings peace to war veterans

Minneapolis Star Tribune




Children's Mental Health At Risk From Chronic Financial Instability

Huffington Post


Feds Offer Guidelines on Discouraging Restraints, Seclusion

Education Week




Settlement over NC mental health could cost state millions

WRAL (Raleigh, NC)




Telling the Truth About Homelessness

Huffington Post


Pittsburgh: A Model for Addressing Child Homelessness

Huffington Post




Does A Better Memory Equal Greater PTSD Risk?



UNCG Conducting Major ADHD Study Of College Students

WFMY (Greensboro, NC)


Reducing off-label use of antipsychotic medications may save money

Penn State University


Do Psychedelics Expand the Mind by Reducing Brain Activity?

Scientific American


Not-So-Quick Fix: ADHD Behavioral Therapy May Be More Effective Than Drugs in Long Run

Scientific American


Schizophrenia With Panic Disorder May Be a Distinct Subtype

Clinical Psychiatry News


Computer Training Leads to Lasting Improvements in Schizophrenia

Clinical Psychiatry News


Testing Aims to Retrain Attention Patterns in PTSD

Clinical Psychiatry News (Video)


When Mr. Wrong Looks Like Mr. Right



Downside to Court-Ordered Child Support



Walk in the Park Can Benefit Those with Depression



A Walk in the Park Gives Mental Boost to People With Depression

Science Daily


Mystery Gene Reveals New Mechanism for Anxiety Disorders

Science Daily


Key Genes and Prototype Predictive Test for Schizophrenia Identified

Science Daily


After Abuse Investigation, Kids Often Remain at Risk



Will Gene–environment Interactions Explain Differential Antidepressant Response?



DCC gene variant linked to schizophrenia

MedWire News


Research supports continuum of depressive clinical syndromes

MedWire News

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