Fighting Stigma with Faith

Arizona Public Media


International Rescue Committee Awarded $20,000 Grant from Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona

Tucson Citizen


VA clinic is coming to Gilbert

Arizona Republic




State Ponders Relinquishing Its Oversight of Vulnerable

New York Times


U students to raise awareness about mental health issues

Minnesota Daily (University of Minnesota)


ValueOptions® Appoints Clarence Jordan Vice President of Recovery and Wellness



Mylan receives FDA approval for generic Zyprexa

Business Week


Psychiatrists Paid Less But More Satisfied Than Other Docs



SAMHSA releases Mental Health, United States 2010 report



Does Conflict of Interest Disclosure Worsen Bias?

Public Library of Science (Medicine)




VA Struggles To Provide Vets With Mental Health Care



A suicidal veteran and a call for help, unanswered

Stars & Stripes


Senators blast VA over deficiencies in mental health care

Stars & Stripes


Ex-VA hospital official faults mental-health care

Arizona Daily Star


Army encourages new way of looking at PTSD

Los Angeles Times


Mental health treatment delays hurt military veterans

Fort Worth Star-Telegram


Time for a national conversation on how we take care of our veterans

Vallejo Times Herald




Emanuel: Mental health clinic closures mean more patients served

Chicago Sun-Times


Mental-health reform clears House despite concerns that it could cause cuts

Des Moines Register


House agrees to Taunton Hospital closing

Boston Herald




Firm Leaves Miss. After Its Prison Is Called 'Cesspool'



Detaining fewer juveniles leads to better outcomes

Houston Chronicle


Autism and the Hypothetical Child

Huffington Post


Middle School, Bully and What We Should Do Now

Huffington Post


Gap in Teacher Training

Huffington Post




Homelessness -- Thinking Globally, Acting Locally

Huffington Post


Is Posting Contact Info of Homeless Advocates Online Bullying?

Huffington Post


Homelessness Is a State Not an Identity

Huffington Post




A Study on Job Seekers' Mental Health

Wall Street Journal


Cocaine Brain? Cognitive Decline Tied To Chronic Use Of Illicit Drug

Huffington Post


Agent Reduces Autism-like Behaviors in Mice



Motivation Key to Successful Job Search



Change of Diet Helps Some Kids with ADHD



Weighing the Real Risks of Antidepressants



Pilot Study: Urine Test Detects One-Third of Autism Cases



Rat Study Suggest Binge Eating Can Trigger Addictive Behaviors



Anti-Depressants Likely Do More Harm Than Good, Study Suggests

Science Daily


Binge Eating May Lead to Addiction-Like Behaviors

Science Daily


Junk Food Linked to Depression



Maternal gliadin antibodies linked to psychosis risk in offspring

MedWire News


Differential age-related amygdala response to facial emotions in BD

MedWire News

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