Volume 40 No. 4 April 2012

Clinical Psychiatry News




Remains of indigent veterans to get escort

Arizona Daily Star


Phoenix foster care Crisis Nursery finds stories of success

Arizona Republic


Unique Conference Discusses Faith & Mental Health, Provides Tools for Compassionate Response

Tucson Citizen




Money alone won't fix mental health system

Concord Monitor


Addictions among older Americans expected to double by 2020

Salt Lake City Deseret News


Drug-personality misconceptions



Oklahoma women get new start in recovery program

The Oklahoman


Mental Health Issues Take the Stage

The Sophian (Smith College)


Tackling the Touchy Subject of Mental Health

WSAW (Wausau, WI)


The Moment I First Knew I Was Depressed

Huffington Post


Exercise Squared: The Benefits of Exercise and Nature

Huffington Post


Fighting Addiction

Huffington Post


Using Social Media to Prevent Suicide

The Atlantic


Post-Prozac Nation

New York Times


Indian State Finds Itself in Tight Grip of Addiction

New York Times


Obama's medicalization of America's war on drugs

San Francisco Chronicle


Internet Crackdown on Pro-anorexia Sites

ABC News


Columnist: No body benefits from the abysmal ‘thinspiration’ fad

The Maine Campus (The University of Maine)




Veterans Department to Increase Mental Health Staffing

New York Times


Army lauds slight increase in sexual assault reporting

U.S. Army


Judge helping veterans get out of courts, into care

Tampa Tribune


With housing scarce, more female vets homeless

Richmond Times-Dispatch


Closure: A Changed Point of View

Huffington Post




Study: Why Attention Deficit Disorder Is Over-Diagnosed

The Atlantic


Activists see homeless teens as a growing problem

The Salem News


County teens create short films to recount journeys to sobriety.

The Columbian


Anti-bullying bill for public schools is shelved

New Orleans Times-Picayune


Addiction, Recovery and the Dangers Young People Face Today

Juvenile Justice Information Exchange




Gaps remain in Minn.’s mental health care services

Willmar West Central Tribune


Report: Scores in Va. denied inpatient mental evals

The Virginian-Pilot


Not So Merry Merry-Go-Round

Santa Barbara Independent


House approves pain pill bill, but Senate still has concerns

Lexington Herald-Leader




Why Are Prisoners Committing Suicide in Pennsylvania?

The Nation


Mentally ill crowding jails, officials say

Tuscaloosa News




New court connects homeless, services

Portland Tribune


CitySquare Revives Life and Hope into Downtown Dallas’ Homeless

The Daily Campus (Southern Methodist University)




VA Psychoeducational Workshop Improves Veterans' Resilience

Clinical Psychiatry News


New Insight On How Antidepressants Work



Changing The Brain to Enhance Well-Being, Happiness



Daily Physical Activity May Reduce Alzheimer’s Risk



Speed, Ecstasy Use Linked to Teen Depression



Listening In On The ‘Cocktail Party Effect’ In The Brain



Marijuana Use Higher in Young Adult Smokers Than Previously Reported

Science Daily


Yoga Good for Teen Anxiety



Broad-spectrum Antibiotic Fails to Boost CBT for Anxiety



Blood Test to Diagnose Major Depression in Teens Promising



Serum IL-5 Associated With Risk of Major Depressive Disorder



Prevalence Changes of Pain, Sleep Problems and Fatigue Among 8-Year-Old Children: Years 1989, 1999, and 2005*



Risk factors for suicide in nonsyndromal BD patients identified

MedWire News


Structural brain abnormalities in people at high risk for schizophrenia

MedWire News

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