Legislature targets drugs in 'bath salts' as formulas change

Arizona Republic




My Story: My Battle With Addiction

Huffington Post


'Xanax' Nation? My Anti-Anxiety Meds Give Me Enough to Worry About

Huffington Post


Painkillers among 'most abused drugs'

Middletown Journal


Trial begins in Arkansas over antipsychotic drug



New Guidelines Shake Up Treatment of Agitation

Psychiatric Times




Unemployment for post-9/11 veterans may be higher than thought

Chicago Tribune


Survey Gives Glimpse Into Minds of Recent Veterans

New York Times


Man's Best Friend Should Not Be a Pill

Huffington Post




CPS struggling with staffing shortage, backlog of 1,000 cases in Travis County

Austin American-Statesman


Learning to Drive With A.D.H.D.

New York Times


Seeking a Softer Justice System, Closer to Home, for New York’s Juvenile Offenders

New York Times




State, feds reach accord on mental-health plans

Salem Statesman Journal


County spares mental health services, pending study

Santa Ynez Valley News




Warning: Doctors Could Misread New Depression Guidelines

WBUR (Boston, MA)


Psych Drugs Linked to MI Risk in Dementia

Medpage Today


Monitoring Antipsychotic Side Effects Infrequent Among Dementia Patients

Clinical Psychiatry News


Does Brain Remember Response to Antidepressants?



Exhaustion Can Lead to Post-Adoption Blues in New Mothers



Coach-Talk Can Reduce Teen Date Violence



Kids with Autism Often Bullied



Genetic Risk and Stressful Early Infancy Join to Increase Risk for Schizophrenia

Science Daily


Does the Brain 'Remember' Antidepressants? More Proof for the Power of Placebo

Science Daily


Smokers Could Be More Prone to Schizophrenia

Science Daily


Economic Conditions and Suicide Rates in New York City



Pharmacogenetics of Antidepressant Drugs



Hippocampal volume linked to verbal memory performance in BD patients

MedWire News


GM reductions in psychotic BD patients ‘nonsignificant’

MedWire News

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