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The Issue of Insight

Recovery to Practice Special Feature (SAMHSA)


Peer Specialists as Educators for Recovery-Based Systems Transformation

Psychiatric Times


Race and mental illness: Do African Americans suffer more schizophrenia or is it bias?

Los Angeles Times


Detained immigrants with mental illnesses face barriers in court

Los Angeles Times


Foundation for Excellence in Mental Healthcare Begins Funding First Projects

The Lund Report


Few area people getting mental health help needed

Oak Ridger


Henderson: We can't just make mentally ill go away

Tampa Tribune


Psychiatric Diagnosis by the People's Choice

Huffington Post


Depression and the Elderly

Huffington Post


Merlene Davis: Learning the warning signs of suicide could save a life

Lexington Herald-Leader


Your Brain May Be "Wired" For Addiction (But You Don't Have To Surrender)



Mothers in nonprofit program share stories about forging a future without drugs

Las Vegas Review-Journal


Attorney general sees prescription drug abuse, addiction as epidemic in Maine

Bangor Daily News


Nearly half of all substance abuse treatment admissions involving college students were primarily for treating alcohol disorders





VA Seeing Spike In Homeless Vets With Families

New Haven Independent


Madigan memo on PTSD costs sparked Army review

Seattle Times


Law OKs cross-state PTSD telehealth counseling

Army Times


Lessons In Healing: Vietnam Vets Find Solace Through "Soldier's Heart"

Huffington Post




Medicaid asks for funding for substance-abuse treatment

Lexington Herald-Leader


Louisiana health secretary pledges to help New Orleans maintain mental health services amid cuts

New Orleans Times-Picayune




'Ritalin Gone Wrong': Is ADHD Caused By Bad Parenting?

Huffington Post




Is Twitter Really More Addictive than Alcohol? The Vagaries of Will and Desire



Cognitive Therapy Benefits Low-Functioning Patients With Schizophrenia

Clinical Psychiatry News


Best Not to Treat Time as Money



Abortion Doesn’t Up Risk of Inpatient Readmission



SWPBIS School Program Reduces Bullying



New Study Fails to Tie Antidepressant to Suicide in Kids



Different Brain Activity for Solitaire vs. Hearts



Co-Worker Support Reduces Workplace Stress, Ups Productivity



The Dark Path to Antisocial Personality Disorder

Science Daily


Psychoeducation improves medication adherence in bipolar affective disorder

MedWire News


Minor motor and sensory deficits in recent schizophrenia linked to brain changes

MedWire News

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