NOTE:  The articles in Mental Health News are sent for information purposes only.  Inclusion here is not intended as an endorsement by CPSA of an opinion, clinical practice or other service.




Mental Health Stigmas Still Around, But There's Help In The Piedmont

WFMY (Greensboro, NC)


Is Asperger Syndrome a Social or Mental Health Disorder?

New York Times


Asperger's History of Over-Diagnosis

New York Times


Psychiatric Medication Spending Growth Slows, According to New Thomson Reuters Research

Market Watch


Kesey's 'Cuckoo's Nest' Still Flying At 50



Antidepressants and pregnancy

Chicago Tribune


Psychologists debate social media role in suicide interventions

Chicago Tribune


Winter blues contribute to Ohio's high depression levels

The Lantern (Ohio State University)


New salvo in Ohio's war on prescription drug abuse

Fremont News-Messenger


Bill would require screening on prescription pain relievers

Boston Globe


Shortage of drugs to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder hits Western Massachusetts

Springfield Republican


Should Grief Be Treated the Same as Depression?

Huffington Post


Conversion Disorder and Mass Hysteria

Huffington Post




Local mental health services face financial free-fall

KTIV (Sioux City, SD)


Limited resources are available for mental health patients

KNDU (Kennewick, WA)




Mentally ill inmates belong in hospitals, not jails

San Antonio Express-News




'Macbeth' comes home to Middle America

Yale Daily News (Yale University)




Homeless Counts Should Be Counting Backwards

Huffington Post




Ending the Nightmares: How Drug Treatment Could Finally Stop PTSD

The Atlantic


Titrate ADHD Meds Quickly for Best Outcome

Clinical Psychiatry News


Virus Ruled Out as Cause of Mental Illness



The Marriage Market Mismatch



Online Social Networking May Cause Job Loss



Short Term Memory Dependent on Brain Synchronization



Facebook Is Not Such a Good Thing for Those With Low Self-Esteem, Study Finds

Science Daily

Prevention Efforts Reduce Suicide Rates in Mentally Ill


Smoking Cessation Med May Also Help Cocaine Dependence



Early Nurturing Boosts Brain Development



Cognitive insight increased in depressed schizophrenia patients

MedWire News


Psychotherapy benefits youth with first-episode psychotic mania

MedWire News

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